Virtual Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Aftercare Program

Sustainable Recovery. One Check-In at a Time.

We provide professionally tailored, measurement-based recovery support services to anyone, anywhere seeking long-term lasting change. 

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Your Personalized Blueprint:
A Roadmap to Wellness and Recovery

Research and experience show that change does not happen in a single moment; people progress through different stages at their own pace, on their way to successful behavioral change. Our unique approach guides you towards unconditional positive self-regard that plants the seed in re-connecting with your true passions, your life’s purpose, your true self. 

Integrated Family Support

Blending the most effective family support techniques into a proprietary coaching model, our Advisors work diligently with family members to support, coach, and create sustainable change that support whole family recovery.

Individualized Coaching

Our exclusive ‘Check-In’ methodology allows aspirational goals to be broken down into ‘mini-commitments,’ promoting success in the small ‘wins,’ stacking those ‘wins’ together, leading to transformative, sustainable, long-term well-being.

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Clients are strategically paired with an Aligned Living Advisor who will help organize long-term goals into bite-sized steps, plan actions, accountability measures, and motivators that will optimize ongoing personal development.

Why Choose Us?

Our Aftercare Program

Aligned Living offers clients assistance in acclimating back into or staying in real world settings while providing the necessary support for long-term recovery and wellness. The program concentrates more deeply on developing constructive behaviors that enable long-term recovery and smooth functioning in daily life.

Your Aligned Living Advisor will collaborate with you to develop an ongoing Alignment Plan that sets reasonable target goals and mutual expectations while providing individual and family coaching, accountability strategies, quantifiable outcomes measures to track progress and the value of your relationship with your Advisor. 

This is a system that is custom-tailored with YOU, for YOU, based on YOUR individual needs. 

Our addiction treatment and mental health recovery aftercare program is flexible with an open-ended timeline. Our process adapts to your growth as goals are reached, new objectives are identified, and your support needs evolve over time. We are here for the long-haul to help you sand down the rough edges where old patterns and stuck-points exist, so that you can fully streamline your potential.

You can expect:

  • Concierge support for all logistics and on-boarding
  • Individual and Family – Aligned Living Advisor 
  • 90-Minutes Per Week of Individual Coaching Support 
  • 45-Minutes Per Week of Family Coaching Support 
  • Drug and Alcohol Monitoring
  • Medication, Sleep and Habit monitoring
  • Alignment Plan Design and Roadmap 
  • Weekly Outcomes Measures (SRS/ORS) 
  • Weekly Transparent Report
Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs & More

Our addiction and mental health aftercare program can be integrated into your life anywhere within the continuum of care. As an alternative to primary residential treatment, intensive outpatient and most certainly as a stand-alone continuing care program. 

  1. Individual Coaching 
  2. Life Skills Coaching 
  3. Family Coaching 
  4. Drug and Alcohol Monitoring
  5. Medication Monitoring 
  6. Outcomes Measurements 
  7. Transparent Reporting 

Yes! We do live mouth swab drug testing with clients via video call giving us immediate results. We also have the ability to send in to lab for further testing as well as breathalyzers for those who struggle with alcohol.

We provide services to clients and family members with our robust family model. We offer everyone the opportunity to engage family in the recovery support system as well as the weekly accountability reporting. For deeper family services we work with our sister company Doyen Consulting Group.

Absolutely! We support overall mental health by helping you track things like taking medications regularly, sleep, exercise and nutrition. Drug and alcohol testing is simply one of the accountability measures available for those that need it. 

Although we provide accountability, coaching, mentorship and counseling, we do not provide therapy. We do however collaborate with other treatment providers and have a relationship with a number of great Licensed Therapists to provide those services. We work together to cover all basis of recovery for our clients and their families.

We are here to help you no matter what

Recovery That Lasts Forever.

Get in touch with Aligned Living today to learn more about our addiction recovery and mental health aftercare program that will provide you with a solid foundation for long-term healing.