Virtual Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Aftercare Program

Virtual Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Aftercare Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Read further to learn more about our most frequently asked questions.

Admissions FAQ

Once you determine that Aligned Living is for you, you’ll be walked through the entire on-boarding (admissions) process by our Concierge. Our Concierge is dedicated to personally walking you through all logistics with ease and comfort. 

The steps are simple:

  1. You complete a Questionnaire designed to efficiently gather all the important ‘pedigree’ information and your historical information. 
  2. Any releases of information for additional care providers will be completed. 
  3. You and your family will receive ‘Success Handbooks’ outlining every nuance of the Aligned Living program. 
  4. If you’re participating in drug and alcohol monitoring, devices or drug screens will be shipped to you. 
  5. You will have an introductory call with your Aligned Living Advisor.
  6. Your family will have an introductory call with their Aligned Living Advisor. 
  7. We go to work! 

Absolutely not! We are designed to work at any stage of someone’s recovery journey. However, if the presenting challenges are severe in nature, we may have to refer you to a provider who can provide stabilization services before we can effectively support you in your journey. 

Absolutely! As long as we get the appropriate releases of information in place during on-boarding, or at any point in your journey, we believe collaboration with other professionals is only an added benefit to the work we’ll do together. 

We show you EXACTLY what you will receive, no guessing games. 

We are affordable at $1,500 per month. 

We are accessible by providing all care virtually. 

We are custom tailored to you, no boilerplate curriculum.

We help create a personalized Alignment Plan with YOUR goals. 

We realize recovery is a journey, not a destination. 

We support the entire family system. 

We provide transparent reporting on outcomes. 

Everything we do is custom designed to your goals, your path and your life. However, research and experience shows that change takes time. We’ll let your experience, growth and inspiration determine how long we walk the path together. We do ask for a minimum of a 30-day commitment.

The right treatment for you

Coaching FAQ’s

  1. Individual Coaching 
  2. Life Skills Coaching 
  3. Family Coaching 
  4. Drug and Alcohol Monitoring
  5. Medication Monitoring 
  6. Outcomes Measurements 
  7. Transparent Reporting 

Yes. However, in rare instances such as suicidal or homicidal ideation with a plan, we are required to notify appropriate authorities to ensure your safety. 

You will determine what works best for you with your Advisor. 

Our program is designed to provide up to 1.5 hours per week for each individual, which can be broken up into a daily check-in of 15 minutes, a 45-minute session followed by 3 additional 15-minute check-in’s, or any variation that suits your life and goals the best. 

In addition to the individual sessions, we provide up to 45-minutes per week for family members. This can also be custom designed as 1 session, once per week, or 3, 15-minute family support sessions per week. The design is all a part of what makes Aligned Living unique. 

By you! You’ll work directly with your Advisor to develop your Alignment Plan which will be your roadmap to success. As you and your goals change, your Alignment Plan changes. You’re in charge of your life and we’re there to walk with you step by step. 

We know that recovery happens when families get well together. Your family will have an Advisor who will build an Alignment Plan with them for their own work and will continue to iterate that plan based upon their goals and changes in their lives. They will receive weekly sessions, whether once a week or multiple times per week, whatever meets their needs the best. They will also receive, as will you, a report of progress, outcomes, and engagement on a weekly basis. 

Absolutely! We support overall mental health by helping you track things like taking medications regularly, sleep, exercise and nutrition. Drug and alcohol testing is simply one of the accountability measures available for those that need it. 

We are here to help you stay accountable to whatever support system seems like the right fit for you. We have experience sharing working closely with both legal accountability systems as well as employers requiring monitoring. 

We are here to help you no matter what

Join Us in Embracing
Recovery as a Family

Recovery is a collective effort, and at Aligned Living, we celebrate the strength of family bonds in the healing process. If you’re seeking a supportive environment that values family involvement, transparency, and personalized care, Aligned Living is here for you. Embrace the power of a united family, and together, let’s build a future filled with sobriety, resilience, and enduring hope. Reach out to us today and take the first step toward a brighter tomorrow – where recovery becomes a journey embraced and navigated together, as a family.